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Oh god, bowser has been infected into a Husk
\/ Don't we all?
I wish we had changelogs every update .-.
DvZ is not a hate comment section :)
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I've added a lot of stuff in the past few days. I don't think you guys understand just how much content has been added!

SOOO without further ado, he are the patch notes:

Added several new monster perks!
Added a few new dwarf perks!
Changed wither a little bit, nerfs and buffs have gone through.
Tab list looks amazing!
Buffed skeleton bow, it was a little weak.
Zombies now get a random weapon, each with a different enchantment.
Fixed crops being trampled!
Added in Husk! (It's not entirely finished, I have some cool ideas for it)
Nuggets and bats now lose wings even on the ground!
Nerfed baker bread production! The nexus was just a bread dispenser.
Added in dwarf Trainee class! A new class designed to help new players learn Dwarfs Vs. Zombies.
Removed glowing effect on legend and enderman, it was breaking sprint.

More to come, those are just the most visible changes.

Excited for the weekend! See you there.

BFitz9 Nice job bowser! its amazing starting to feel more like the good ol days.
[M] Bousce Looks great! Apart from a few bugs games are alot funner :d

Tutorial Video

[A] bowser123467 a posted Mon at 22:50

Thanks Zaffre for making a general tutorial video for us! Check it out:

Zaffre_ Glad to help!
BFitz9 nice job zaffre its great
Dan497 That's a really nice tutorial, well done :)

Hey guys,

We will be down for about a day while we move to a different server.


Dan497 I just got back from a one week holiday and I was looking forward to playing again after a week long break xD
Zaffre_ Must... play...

Hey folks,

Our server has not gone down again! Just a few hiccups. We picked up a new developer that will help pump out more DvZ content and bug fixes! He wants to hear what YOU guys want! Suggest things here:


I'm going to focus more on advertising the server which will help us grow. :)

Zaffre_ #BlameKael
salomeme Yay! =)
Dan497 Bowser the saviour. Thank you SO much.

DvZ Update!

[A] bowser123467 a posted Jul 11, 16

Here is a changelist for the upcoming patch to Dwarfs Vs Zombies:

  • Dwarfs can no longer go hungry during the building phase
  • Slime now gains and loses armor depending on size
  • Creeper explosion has been buffed and being a charged creeper is now more likely to happen
  • Lowered chickens mana regen
  • Added in a way for monsters to teleport to open portals
  • Added in monster natures
  • Buffed excalibur, it now penetrates armor and ignores 1.5 hearts, very effective against tanky monsters
  • Enchantment tables are now protected for 15 seconds when one is broke

Those are the main changes, more changes to come soon. I plan on re-adding wither skeleton and changing bat as the current iteration of it is not fun to play as.

someone Niceu niceu
Drew5566 The Cat Lord Alright! I mostly wanted the portals & natures #AmazingBowserStrikesAgain
Zaffre_ YES! Thanks Bowser!