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It's offline for me aswell.
Is the server offline again? Can't connect to it
ok great!
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A massive update is on the way! Almost everything suggested in this thread is being added. Hopefully this will be out Sunday (the 18th). If not then on Monday :)

I'm calling this version of DvZ 1.0.1 Community Edition because I want DvZ to be more like what it once was, community driven! I'm going to drive my best to listen to all the feedback we get. We can do this together! 

TheMovieMaster Awesome! It'll be nice to have DvZ like it was in the old days, even for a little while. Good days those were. Than...
Dan497 Thanks Bowser, I really appreciate all the work you're doing. This gamemode is certainly looking promising :)
club_land4123 YAS, I think Zaf Would Like it. I got to play Witch again for the first time, and you re-added the "Blank&q...

Big thanks to SDogAlex for creating this! Check out his channel for more MC videos.

club_land4123 Sweet!
[A] bowser123467 a Thanks for the all the feedback I will make sure he gets it :)

New dwarf class!

[A] bowser123467 a posted Sep 5, 16

Ningabird wait how do you enchant a wolf? Stuff it in the enchanting table?
[M] Zaffre_ o TBH I prefer the name Beast Master better :x

ZephPlayz came on our server and made a video! Check it out :D

If it gets enough likes he says he will do another one :O

Dan497 This is really cool, it appears the video is doing quite well
DrLolzworth this is great! so many new players online today.
[M] Bousce Looks great! :d

I've added a lot of stuff in the past few days. I don't think you guys understand just how much content has been added!

SOOO without further ado, he are the patch notes:

Added several new monster perks!
Added a few new dwarf perks!
Changed wither a little bit, nerfs and buffs have gone through.
Tab list looks amazing!
Buffed skeleton bow, it was a little weak.
Zombies now get a random weapon, each with a different enchantment.
Fixed crops being trampled!
Added in Husk! (It's not entirely finished, I have some cool ideas for it)
Nuggets and bats now lose wings even on the ground!
Nerfed baker bread production! The nexus was just a bread dispenser.
Added in dwarf Trainee class! A new class designed to help new players learn Dwarfs Vs. Zombies.
Removed glowing effect on legend and enderman, it was breaking sprint.

More to come, those are just the most visible changes.

Excited for the weekend! See you there.

BFitz9 Nice job bowser! its amazing starting to feel more like the good ol days.
[M] Bousce Looks great! Apart from a few bugs games are alot funner :d